Nasty C Reveals Official Cover Art For “Zulu Man With Some Power” Album With Songs Arrangement Details

Nasty C releases official cover art for "Zulu Man With Some Power"

Nasty C finally releases official cover art for his upcoming album “Zulu Man With Some Power”.

There is a reason why SA Hip Hop star, Nasty C is so loved by all who listens to his music. It isn’t just because he’s great on features or because he wins a lot of awards, a lot of times it’s because of the amount of confidence he has in his own talent and work.

If Nasty says a joint he’s dropping is hot, best know that it is blazing hot. For a really long while, the award-winning rapper has haunted fans with the title of his upcoming album and with little knowledge of it. Finally, he has delivered big news.

On Sunday, he revealed the official cover art for the album which is quite native in the coolest ways. He also shared some info on the album saying it features 16 tracks in total, split into four sections. Sharing more details, he wrote:

So! After a very long process of shortlisting from a list of 47 songs I did for the album, I’ve landed at 16 songs. Perfectly split into 4 sections, 💥Section 1 will give you goosebumps
💥Section 2 & 3 will be a fucking rollercoaster, you will shit yourself. 💥Section 4 will make you proud – it will make you cry – it’ll make you appreciate – it’ll make you realize that Ivyson is not to be fucked with. #ZuluManWithSomePower
Fan-Art by @olahbouy_art

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