Nasty C Says Amapiano and Afrobeat Are Better Than Hip-Hop

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C says Afrobeats and Amapiano are better than Hip Hop and states his reasons.

Nasty C has opened up about where he thinks Hip Hop stands in the presence of popular genres, Afrobeats and Hip Hop. He said, during his Ivyson Gaming Sessions on Twitch,

“I feel like Amapiano and Afrobeat are better than Hip Hop. Okay, let me explain, obviously not all Amapiano songs, obviously not all Afrobeats songs. But, I’m talking about like just in general, I’m talking about the sh*t that goes viral.”

Nasty credited Nigerians for making great music videos for their songs.

“Live instrument, original melodies n**gas who can actually sing, that’s music dawg. Also if you look at the music video, these n**gas are creative as f*ck and let’s not lie to each other Nigeria has been leading when it comes to music videos for a very long time,”

He continued, “If you look at hip hop, we sample a lot, so that means we don’t have a lot of new original melodies, we’re taking melodies from Jazz, slow jam, Jamaican music, music from here, music from there, Indian music. We’re taking it, we’re flipping it, we’re morphing it,”

He still reiterated his place in Hip Hop, “I’m not hating on it, I’m not being ungrateful to hip hop, I love these beats, I love hip hop, I am hip hop to the core, I’m hip hop till I die. But the truth is the truth, Afrobeats and Amapiano are better than Hip hop.”

“Music-wise, these songs, are songs, hip hop we’re here playing this weird game where it’s like everyone is fake rich, everyone is fake balling and fake player, everyone is fake gangster. All these hip-hop songs are in disgrace, let’s just be honest,”

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