Nasty C Says Def Jam Records Deal Will Not Take Away From His Originality

Nasty C promises to stay true to his roots despite his new Def Jams Records deal

Nasty C promises fans he’ll stay true to his roots despite new Def Jams Records deal.

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One thing we have always loved about Mzansi rapper, Nasty C is how much he’s always close to home while being so global. The Mzansi star is now giving fans his word to stay true to his roots even with his big signing.

Earlier on in March, Nasty was announced to have signed with Def Jam Records. It was big news because we’ve always known him to aim for the skies. He spoke about his new signing in a recent interview with TshisaLIVE.

He revealed that it wont be easy for him because expectations are high but promised to pull it off. He also promised to stay close to his roots. He also revealed that his signing means he’ll have to move to the United States but it doesn’t change anything about him here.

He said,

Man it’s exciting, it’s very exciting because I really put in the work. I just keep my head down and work, I overwork myself even and it pays off … that’s the one thing I believe in.”

I’ll always have a place to live here because I don’t want to live anywhere else besides SA, but I do have to move in the States so I’m there a bit more and people get to see my face a bit more and to also interact with me.”

He also reiterated his authenticity saying,

I’ve never been one to change because of what people think about me or because they don’t like me. So, I will keep doing music and it’s been working so far.”

He shared some advice for young, and upcoming rappers,

Just work hard and keep telling yourself you deserve everything in the world, or whatever you want to get in life. Never feel like you’re not worth it because you come from a ‘not so good’ background.

“That’s how people are, they feel like they don’t deserve the world and I try to do the opposite and be extra at doing. I guess that’s how I keep doing these outrageous things.”


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