Nasty C Says He Owns Most But Not All Of His Music

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C opens up about owning most but not all of his music.

The topic of artists owning their music has always been interesting to everyone. As we know, many artists claim to do so and also go as far as making fun of the artists who don’t.

Nasty C says he owns most but not all of his music. He isn’t one of those artists who are salty about not owning their music. Explaining the situation with his, the “There They Go” star revealed that he is in a deal with labels.

The deal entails giving up ownership of songs for a particular period and then getting them back when the time elapses. He revealed that he entered the deals knowing exactly what he signed and what to expect. He also revealed that it is different for every other artist because of the terms of their contract. See the full interview below.

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