Nasty C Says There Is No Competition For Him In SA

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C says there are rappers in the country who he sees as competition.

Nasty C is the king of the world, and he knows it. The “Hell Naw” rapper returned to the scene with a new album, “I Love It Here,” and absolutely killed. He has earned rave reviews for the project.

Appearing on the L-Tido podcast, he opened up about being the best in the country. When asked, “Are you feeling you are at that moment in your life where you are not seeing anybody as competition?”

Nasty C replied, “definitely not, I would be dumb to say that, there’s definitely better rappers out there better than me. But you you know what I will always put up a fight.”

He further spoke about not seeing any rapper as competition while acknowledging that there are definitely better rappers in the country.

“no, but there could be some guy in the cart who’s really discussing with it, I just haven’t met him. Anyone I’ve met, no one. Im not saying I’m the best rapper in South Africa but I dont see anyone who can really like make me go like you know what let me take this L. You can write I can write, I can go toe to toe with anyone.”

He also gave props to international emcees, “In the world, because of where I am right now, with the way I write, I have to say J Cole and I have to say Jay Z. The way they write is insane dawg like it’s never been so direct but at the same so colourful and multi-layered. As a basic person who’s not like a hip-hop head, you understand what this guy is saying.”