Nasty C Shares On How He Spent His First Million Rand

our Zulu Man With Some Power Nasty C is a lover of the good life and it shows. From obscurity, the songster has risen to fame, and he’s not shy of spending the cheddar.

In a recent interview, the songster detailed how he spent his first million cheque. Apparently, at the outset, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his money. But when he hit the mall with a pal, he knew.

He took a pal to the mall with the excuse that he wanted to check out something. The pal, who he didn’t name, had no idea what the Zulu Man wanted to do. The pal did a little shopping and then Nasty C headed to the Rolex section and snapped a Rolex watch which he still has to this day.

The watch is a piece of history and a piece of him, Nasty C – a testament to the leaps he’s made as an artiste.

By the way, Nasty C is currently in Atlanta. He would have been there much earlier, following his signing to Def Jam Africa, but the coronavirus had delayed his trip. In the United States, he’ll be working with some of the country’s rap figures.

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