Nasty C Shares Why He Won’t Try To Resolve Feud With A-Reece

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C has opened up on why he won’t try to sort out his feud with A-Reece.

For years, there have been reports of a feud between Nasty C and A-Reece. Both rappers have maintained a large amount of fame in the country and dropped hits, but don’t care much about each other.

Appearing on L-Tido’s podcast, Nasty, who recently dropped the critically acclaimed “I Love It Here” album, opened up about the feud and why he won’t try to sort it out with Reece. He said,

“You see, one of the reasons why im not so open to that anymore, im open to, like laying it to rest but im not gonna waste my time trying to just have a sit down a conversation nothing like that. Just not worth my time anymore,”

He continued, “The reason why is that I’ve tried to do that multiple times, I even booked the guy in my Ivyson Tour one of the years, and I was like yo listen this is dumb, let’s just put this thing to rest, we dont even know what the f*ck this thing is.”

He shared what went down when Reece showed up at the event. “Come to my show this will go crazy people will wild out, that will be a beautiful moment for hip-hop. He’s like (A-Reece) yeah let’s do it, im done, and then he pulled up super super late and wants to go on after me, Im like you’re f*cking crazy, this is my show, you’re not gonna close my show. To me that’s a sign of disrespect, I was like you know what, that’s settles it.”

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