Nasty C Speaks On Giving Up Trying To End His Beef With A-Reece

Nasty C reveals why he can't mend with relationship with A-Reece

Nasty C reveals why he gave up trying to squash his beef with A-Reece.

The SA Hip Hop scene is laden with more beefs than we can count. Some of these beefs are not even caused by anything major which leaves us wondering why they linger for as long as they do.

While many have thrown in the hatchet and made up, some might not. According to Nasty C, his beef with A-Reece may never been squashed so we might just give up any thought of them collaborating together. Reece once revealed in an interview with Pearl Thusi that their feud was majorly brought on by their former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment which made them rivals.

He also revealed he was okay with letting it go. However, Nasty C recently spoke DJ Vlad on Vlad TV about trying to mend their relationship but Reece’s attitude ruined everything. According to him, he showed him signs of disrespect when he came on the Ivyson Tour which made him just give it up.

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