Nasty C Talks About Starting A Family (Video)

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C talks about starting a family in a new video.

You may have noticed a trend with our favourite artists on the scene. A lot of them have either tied the knot with their significant others or started a family. Nasty C seems to have plans to start his.

The talented emcee recently released his highly anticipated mixtape “The Ivyson Army Tour” and joined on the successful joint “Lemons (Lemonade).” He also moved to the US with his girlfriend, Heavens. Since their move, fans have not heard much about their relationship.

The “Zulu Man With Some Power” star was recently seen flexing a new Benz. In the video, he talked about starting a family. He said, “Benz have f*cking gift this man with a big body, some got to start a family now, someone got to start a family nooww.” Check the video out below.

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