Nasty C Teases New ‘EAZY’ Visuals [Watch]

Nasty C shares snippets of the new "EAZY" visuals

Nasty C drops a preview of the new “EAZY” visuals before it drops tomorrow.

Guys, we’re in for a thrill. Don’t know if you’ve heard but the followup to Nasty C’s “There They Go” is dropping tomorrow, Friday, June 12th. It isn’t a tease this time, it is actually dropping for real.

The Mzansi rapper has been taking his time, and dangling “EAZY” right in our faces. Well, that’s what you do when you’re in high demand. After a while of announcing the song, he finally revealed that it would be released on Friday, June 12th. To build more anticipation for it, he has now shared a snippet of the song’s visuals.

It is crazy lit. There’s a super-powered Nasty C with fluorescent eyes in the video. The black and white video also features lots of shiny diamonds, a dog, and basically everything that would make you want more. It’s only hours until it drops.

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