Nasty C will NOT do Amapiano

SA Hip Hop star, says he will not do an Amapiano song.

Mzansi has watched as Amapiano has dominated the entire airwaves for some time now. Everytime people think the sub-genre will fade, it becomes more of a movement and gains even more followers.

While more SA Hip Hop artists have joined the Piano movement, has remained adamant. The “There They Go” star recently spoke about it in a Live feed. He urged Piano artists who feel he would do well on a Piano song to kill the idea, as he doesn’t like to squash anyone’s hopes.

According to him, Piano comes with a different type of energy, and he would only be faking it if he jumped on the sound. He would rather admire from afar. He further revealed that he would do a House song before doing a Piano song. This, he says, is because he’s from Durban and grew up immersed in House music.

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