Nasty C’s Big Claims About South African Music Divides Netizens – Watch

Comparison is one of the unavoidable realities of life. Whether one decides to compare oneself to others or not, chances are other people might compare one to others. There; ‘s just no avoiding this reality.

So perhaps it should not be surprising when South African rapper Nasty C made a comparison of sorts to determine which rapper in South Africa is in his league.

The “Black and White” rapper had a sit-down with podcast host L-Tido recently, during which time he touched on several subjects, from fatherhood to his position in South African rap. As far as the songster is concerned, in the world of South African music, he is in a world all his own.

While there are good rappers out there, he believes he is actually the best rapper in the country and none of his compatriots is in the same league with him. To get someone close and comparable, he insists people would have to look at the international music scene to pick the likes of American rappers J. Cole and Jay-Z.

His claim was greeted with mixed reactions, with some tweeps affirming his claims and others poking holes in it. You can check out the post below.

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