Nasty C’s Dive Into Authenticity: “Endless” Music Video Sparks Debate

The Rapper's Underwater Adventure with Sharks Raises Eyebrows

South African rap sensation, Nasty C, has recently been the talk of the town, not just for his musical prowess but for the authenticity of his latest music video, “Endless.” The video, which is a track from his album “I Love It Here,” released two weeks prior, has been a subject of much debate and speculation.

The “Endless” music video showcases Nasty C swimming deep beneath the ocean, surrounded by sharks. This breathtaking underwater sequence has left fans and viewers in awe and disbelief. In an era dominated by technology and visual effects, many have speculated that the rapper used Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) to create this mesmerizing scene.

Addressing the swirling rumors, Nasty C took to Instagram to set the record straight. He firmly dismissed claims of CGI usage and asserted that every aspect of the video is genuine. To back up his statement, the “Hell Naw” artist shared images of himself with professional sea divers post the video shoot. These images serve as undeniable proof of his daring venture into the ocean’s depths for the video’s production. His post read, “So apparently a lot of people think this scene from “Endless” was CGI & that I wasn’t really in the ocean WITH SHARKS! I can assure you it’s all 1000000% !! Go have a look on YouTube.”

While some skeptics might still harbor doubts, Nasty C’s commitment to authenticity has struck a chord with many fans. They appreciate his dedication to presenting genuine experiences through his music. This dedication is evident in the rapid success of the “Endless” music video, which has already amassed over half a million views in just 12 days since its release.

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