Nasty C’s Upcoming Album Is Dropping in May

Nasty C's new album is dropping in May

We can’t keep calm, Nasty C’s new album is dropping in May.

Have you ever counted from a particular day up till they day you expect something huge to happen? Well, you’re about to because we are starting a countdown to May. One of the biggest and most anticipated Mzansi albums of the decade is dropping and we can’t seem to get it together.

For a really long time, we waited and waited for Nasty to drop more hints on his new album “Zulu Man With Some Power” but that didn’t happen. Finally, last week, he did, sharing new info on the album. According to him, it will feature 16 tracks which will be grouped into four sections that will make us proud, make us shit ourselves, and also make us appreciate the man that is Nasty C.

He’s now shared new info on when the album will be coming and that’s 3 months from now. In a recent IG post, he simply wrote “Album in May”.

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