Nasty C’s Upcoming Album, ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ Is Ready

Fans of South African rapper,  will be getting an awesome gift from the music star anytime from now as he is getting ready to release his Man With Some Power” album.

Anyone familiar with ‘s social media page will know that he has had that album title on his page for a very long time and it doesn’t look like he is sleeping on the much anticipated album as the project is now ready with just a few finishing touches being added.

Nasty C is easily one of South ’s biggest hip-hop artistes. In fact, many will argue that he is the biggest name when it comes to rap on the continent.

Last year saw him gift music fans his “Strings and Blings” album and that was very well received by industry insiders and fans

Nasty C who traveled down to Japan to spend some quiet time and make music has been taking full advantage of it over the last couple of days and even posted a video of himself goofing around with fans in the streets of Japan, he also shared pictured of himself hanging out with American rapper “,” the pictures spiked an argument of whether will appear on the album or not. Man With Some Power” might drop anytime from now if what Nasty C posted on his page is anything to go by.

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