Natasha Thahane Shares Cryptic Post About Lorch’s Alleged Abuse in Cryptic Post

Natasha Thahane leaves fans guessing after she shared a cryptic post about Lorch’s alleged abuse.

While Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch kept details of their relationship private when they were together, fans were sad to hear they had split. Thahane shared a statement announcing their amicable split but said they would remain friends and co-parents. It read,

“A brief update: Thembinkosi Lorch and I have mutually decided to part ways romantically. Despite the change in our relationship, we will remain friends and co-parents.” Thahane added that she was looking forward to the new chapter in her life.

She also took to her Instagram stories and shared a clip that made fans think Lorch was to blame. It featured a snippet of Rihanna’s interview on ABC following abuse by Chris Brown in 2009. The Barbadian star is seen saying,

“That’s all I kept thinking the whole time. When is it going to stop? When is it going to stop?”

“You start thinking, ‘What could I possibly have said to make him hit me and do this?’ I didn’t want people looking at me and feeling sorry for me, like, ‘There goes the victim.'”

She also shared a post that read,

“If all your exes complain about you and about the same thing, you are the problem. Stop victimising yourself and take accountability; do better.”

“‘Lesson learned,’ you always seem to learn lessons from other people but yourself. You’re the wrong one on Acrimony.”

Natasha Thahane Shares Cryptic Post About Lorch'S Alleged Abuse In Cryptic Post 2

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