NBCUniversal Snags 30% Stake In Showmax Following Restructuring

It has often been said that one thing that is pretty sure about life is change – things are in flux. All the time. Well, that might be the case with businesses and brands, too, as we manifest again and again.

For Showmax, the change happened just recently. Following a restructuring, NBCUniversal snagged a 30 per cent stake in the company. With this partnership comes a lot on the table, including the building of a top streaming platform in Africa.

Also, with this agreement, Showmax subscribers can look forward to more content on the platform. It would also lead to the supply of new technology.

MultiChoice remains the top stakeholder, though, as it holds fast to 70k, which gives it more rights, compared to NBCUniversal.

According to Calvo Mawela, the group CEO of MultiChoice, the new agreement is an opportunity for his Showmax team to scale to greater heights by working with a leading player in the industry.

More details about the partnership would be announced later, from the promised new content down to pricing. It turns out excitement is already building on social media over what needs content Showmax might add to its already intriguing bouquet of entertainment offerings. Stay tuned for them.

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