Ndivho Makhwanya Joins Metro FM As New Host of the Radioactive Show

Talented radio presenter Ndivho Makhwanya has joined Metro FM as the newest host of the Radioactive Show. She says landing the new gig is beyond her wildest dreams.

We love seeing people achieve their dreams. Shout out to Ndivho Makhawanya for making hers happen. The talented presenter has just landed a new job on Metro FM; she will be presenting the Radioactive Show on the weekends.

She spoke to Briefly about the new gig and said she couldn’t believe that she made it from the presenter search. She also said it was beyond her wildest dreams.

Ndivho said,

“I could not believe it when I got the call. I can’t believe that out of everyone in the entire country, I was one of the perfect candidates that they found fit for a station as mighty as Metro. It was beyond my dreams.

“I had hoped for a day like that, but I did not expect it to be that close. It is wild.”

On what listeners should expect, she said,

“People can expect a whole lot of fun. They can expect, easy Saturday and Sunday mornings. But more than anything, they can expect exceptionality. It is going to be fantastic, I believe so.”

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