Ndlozi tells Bianca Schoombee ‘Go get your forgiveness from De Klerk and Springboks,’

Ndlozi tells Bianca Schoombee to go get her forgiveness from De Klerk and Springboks

Ndlozi tells Bianca Schoombee to go get her forgiveness from De Klerk and Springboks.

Twitter has been on fire for a while and the person who caused it, Bianca Schoombee is no where to be seen. The former Miss SA competitor since deleted her Twitter account, and #BiancaMustFall has been trending since.

Old tweets of hers laden with the n-word, f-bombs and referring to people as sluts saw the light of day, and commotion followed. She has since pulled out of the Miss SA competition. The Citizen reports that Economic Freedom Fighters, MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi told her to go get her forgiveness from President De Klerk and the Springboks team.

According to him, no one should forgive racism as it doesn’t recognize you as a forgiving being. He believes you can’t ask a dog to forgive you for always putting it in chains saying “You just forgive yourself, the dog has no power to forgive.

He also says no one outgrows racism in their teenage age.

You transform it, burying it deep in your sub-conscience. From time to time, it will slip out in jokes, dreams, taste, anger, enjoyment and aesthetics of white privilege. No one should forgive racism, it should be destroyed,

Blacks are so powerless even their forgiveness doesn’t matter!

“I don’t forgive you. Go get your forgiveness from De Klerk and the Springbok! Your racism has nothing to do with individuals. Its a system of white privileged that made you and will always make you racist. Unless such a system is destroyed you can’t help, but will always be racist!”

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