Nedbank About To Repossess Kelly Khumalo’s Porsche?

It looks like the days are losing their roses for Kelly Khumalo of the “Dance Comigo” fame. News circulating online is that her luxury ride is about to be repossessed by the bank for failing to pay her debt.

Nedbank of South Africa is allegedly about to repossess Kelly Khumalo’s Porsche Cayenne Tiptronic which she purchased in 2017 via a loan from the bank. According to documents, she was obligated to pay almost R10k monthly until April 2023 to fully own the car.

She was said to have defaulted in her payment and now faces about R62k in arrears. Having defaulted in her payment, Motor Finance Corporation filed for a default judgment at the Johannesburg High Court against the songstress.

By the way, Nedbank, through its attorney DRSM Attorneys, was said to have written to Kelly Khumalo in July instructing her to pay up. She reportedly failed to respond to the letter, forcing the bank to cancel the agreement.

News of plans to repossess Kelly Khumalo’s priced ride comes days after she celebrated her birthday all by herself and shared pictures of the moment showing that she was, as they say, “living the life.”

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