Nelly Apologizes After Explicit Oral Video Of Him Pops Online

Nelly has apologized for the sexually explicit video shared on his social media account, stating it was never meant to go public. A video showing the 47-year-old singer receiving oral sex from a lady popped on his page. He apparently noticed the video later and took it down.

Thereafter he had issued a statement through his rep, apologizing to the woman featured in the video and her family, noting it was unwanted publicity for her and them. He further clarified that the infamous clip was actually an old video that was never meant to go public.

A report by |Fox News indicated that Nelly’s team are afraid the songster might have been hacked and that his financial information might have been breached in the process as well and might end up somewhere on the dark web.

So far, there’s no indication these data have been breached and Nelly has made any losses.

All the same, as some of the songster’s fans have noted, it’s a lesson on the vitality of not taking and retaining explicit pictures of oneself on a digital device. For Nelly, at the moment, clearly, it’s still “Hot In Herre.” That joke is not on us.

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