Nelz To Release ‘Hola Heita Hater’ Featuring Nomoozlie & PhreshClique

Nelz will be dropping her hit song this Friday!

South African rapper, Nelz, will be dropping a new joint this Friday titled, ‘Hola Heita Hater.’ It will feature Nomoozlie & PhreshClique.

Some few weeks ago, the joint was teased by Nelz. She posted a video where she was in the booth. She also tagged the video #HHH, an abbreviation of the upcoming song, ‘Hola Heita Hater.’

After ‘Yanos’ took over the South Africa hip hop scene last year, we can confidently say that it will be making a comeback with ‘Hola Heita Hater.’

Popular for her songs, Japanese Purse, Bitter Sweet, Indie B, Maybach, and Mulher Natural, we are certain that ‘Hola Heita Hater’ will become a smashing hit.

The new joint Nelz has been teasing us with is making us wait eagerly for its release. We anticipate the arrival of Friday when it will finally be dropped.

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