Netflix Is Testing Out Ways To End Password Sharing

Reports state that Netflix is testing new ways to end password sharing and push users to pay extra money.

The issue of password sharing among Netflix users has been something that the company has always wanted to end. It seems they have finally gotten their foot through the door and devised a means to make their customers pay even more money.

On Wednesday, March 16, Netflix announced two new features that would likely end password sharing. One of the features will have their subscribers add sub-accounts to their current accounts. These subaccounts would be for people they do not live with.

The newly featured “subaccounts” would be added to standard and premium plans. It will also come with separate logins and profiles. This will cost an additional $2 to $3 every month.

The second will allow users to transfer their profile to a new account which can also be made into a sub-account.

Netflix has also announced plans to test these new features in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru over the next few weeks. There has been no announcement of other countries the features would also be tested in.

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