Netflix Not Censoring Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais

Netflix is for freedom of expression and has made it clear that Chappelle and Ricky Gervais are merely expressing themselves in their different shows on the network.

In a statement, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos had noted his desire to uphold Dave and Ricky’s rights to freedom of expression.

Chappelle is known to be an anti-trans advocate and has no qualms voicing opinions affirming this on his The Closer I special. Last October, he claimed that he was tricked into calling a woman beautiful.

That special provoked some employees to walk out in protest.

For his part, Gervais, in one of the episodes of his SuperNature, claimed that he supports trans rights. However, the trans community thought otherwise, citing his statement, which they denounced as transphobic: “meet me halfway, ladies: lose the cock.”

In a memo, Netflix indicated that it supports the artistic expression of the people it chooses to work with and allows users to decide what’s appropriate for them instead of censoring what creators release.

Also, sources claim that Netflix had stated employees who are not okay with its programming are welcome to leave the company.

It’s unclear how many employees have left – if at all. Stay tuned for more sauce.

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