Netflix SA praises Sho Madjozi as she channels Miss Bridgerton in new video

Netflix SA praises Gqom star, Sho Madjozi as she channels Bridgerton in a recently shared video.

Sho be making us proud all the time. The “John Cena” star must have really loved the hit “Bridgerton” series just as much as everyone else because she just channeled it in a new video.

The video was reportedly shot with friends at a location in Tanzanian. It sees her replaying some scenes with a guy and some persons in the village. In the post captions, she reveals that it was shot at the Ngorongoro Conservation Centre where there’s room for both people and wildlife.

She also revealed that the Masai village, called Lerai makes a living from welcoming tourists. According to her, the villagers asked her to tell her friends about them so they can also visit. Sho’s Bridgerton inspired video was applauded by Netflix SA who quoted the line “Flawless my dear, absolutely flawless”.

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