Netizens Praise Enhle Mbali’s Chinese Hairstyle At The South African Style Awards

Enhle Mbali is showing South Africans that life must go on despite what must have happened in her past. Not only must life go on, but she is determined to amplify the beautiful part of it.

The actress provoked more than a smile in her fans with how she turned up for the South African Style Awards. She was one of several celebs who not only showed up for the awards but stood out as well.

For that occasion, she rocked a Chinese hairstyle which resonated with many South Africans as it accentuated her beauty, according to many of them.

Taking to her official Instagram page, she shared a picture of herself at the style awards and tagged her clothing line to the post – obviously to give it some publicity, as the same had produced her outfit for the occasion.

She also noted that she had a wonderful time at the event. The post of her rocking a Chinese hairstyle resonated with many of her fans, evident in the responses to the post so far – over 10k likes and more than 500 comments. You can check out her post below.

Enhle Mbali was previously married to Black Coffee. Since the collapse of the marriage, she’d found herself in multiple controversies, including dating a married man.

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