Netizens Angling To Have Will Smith & Margot Robbie Together After Jada’s Bombshell Revelation

People get married hoping to have the best life together until death intrudes. But that is not always the case – as we have seen all too often, as also exemplified by the relationship between Will Smith and his estranged wife Jada. Apparently, the two of them have been separated for the past six years and most people didn’t know.

With the recent revelation, though, tweeps are already campaigning that Will Smith and Margot Robbie should get together, having exhibited great physical chemistry and shown so much thoughtfulness in their treatment of each other.

A Twitter user known simply as Red had shared a picture of Will Smith and Margot having a goofy time together (probably on the set of a flick) and pointed out that the celebrated actor fumbled by going for Jada and not Margot. You can check out the post below.

Some tweeps shared his sentiments and some pointed out that he still has a chance to redeem himself, with Jada having recently revealed that they separated six years ago, which means Will Smith is technically free to snag another lady. But will he get into a relationship with her? The answer to that question is left to time.

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