Netizens Chuffed With Murdah Bongz’s Mesmerising Dance Steps – Watch

South African musician Murdah Bobgz charmed his compatriots recently when a clip of him dancing happily popped online. So immersive was the clip that some netizens claimed if happiness was a person, it would have been Murdah Bongz at that moment.

In the now-viral clip, the songster could be seen by the corner of a stage. He danced from there to the main stage while his fans and concertgoers watched on in admiration, with some recording him with their phones and also smiling and hailing him.

That clip pooped online amid public outrage and concern for him following a viral clip that seemingly showed his wife fleeting with celebrated American singer Usher. From the look of things, Bongani is a happy man without a care in the world. or he just seemed happy to perform for his fans at the moment and wasn’t too concerned about the furore over his wife’s actions.

By the way, Murdah Bongz recently linked on his former bandmate Thabo Smol and the former Black Motion group, comprising the two friends just mentioned, released a new project to the surprise and delight of their fans. Clearly, good things are flowering all around Murdah Bongz at the moment.

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