Netizens Divided Over Ms Rachel’s “Weird” Parenting Hack

There is never a shortage of opinions on children and childcare. So when a popular figure shares about that, especially on what most people would fo, there is bound to be a lot of attention and even a wild debate. That was exactly what happened recently with parenting expert Ms Rachel.

The YouTuber, who has an impressive following on the platform, shocked many of her TikTok followers when she revealed what many of them considered bizarre. According to her, she often lets her son sleep in his school clothes to avoid the morning rush.

That revelation sparked a big debate online, with some people judging her and condemning her actions, and some giving reasons why her actions seemed splendid after all. According to one of her critics, following what she said in the video does not make for good hygiene and a mother who isn’t lazy can bathe her child, change them into proper clothes and get them back in uniform just in time for school and still beat the morning rush.

The debate is pretty fierce and ongoing. If it is something you seriously care about and would drop your two cents on, you can check out the controversial TikTok below.


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