Netizens Drag Beyoncé Over Trending Pic

It is not out of place for celebrities to get dragged for one reason or the other. In fact, that happens every other day, with the level of dragging dependent on the celebrity and what they did.

Interstingly, even Beyonce, loved by millions around the world, isn’t immune to dragging. What caused the whole drama was the way the songstress looked at Tom Weatherspoon’s birth.

Tom is the husband of fellow Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. On his 50th, Kelly celebrated her with several slides on her Instagram page. Beyonce could be seen in some of them.

Some netizens criticized her appearance, claiming that she didn’t put any effort into her appearance for the occasion and that he just looked out and put but did she? You can check out the posts below and see for yourself.

Well, since Kelly isn’t complaining about what her pal wore to the occasion, maybe the public should let Bey be?

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