Netizens Impressed As Ryan Gosling Performs “Push” For “Barbie” Soundtrack – Listen

Many may know him only as an actor but Ryan Gosling has just shown that he is just as gifted when it comes to singing. The sheer force of his recent performance should put that into perspective.

The day was July 21 and Atlantic Records released a clip of the actor singing “Push” by Matchbox Twenty on its official YouTube channel. It was one clip many had not expected and were understandably impressed when it was released.

From his singing, many netizens were of the view that it was reminiscent of the same way Matchbox Twenty had sung it previously. One obviously impressed fan commented on the clip. Noting how great a singer Gosling was.

This verdict indirectly validates the track’s inclusion in the “Barbie” soundtrack. “Barbie” is buzzing – or rather gained so much media juice from the great marketing of the flick. Even Google did something memorable such that if you had searched “Barbie” yesterday without the quotes, you would have seen some “magic.”

Anyway, Ryan Gosling has just shown with his performance that he is not just an actor but a gifted singer able to hold the attention of the public. You are welcome to check out his offering below.

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