Netizens Pleased, Inspired As Andile Jali Flaunts Customised Shin Pads With His Children’s Faces

Andile Jali is one man who could go to many lengths to show just how much he loves his children. He Has done it before. He did it again recently with customised shin pads showing his children’s faces.

The footballer is known to be very private in matters relating to his family. But he broke from his rule this time, giving fans a glimpse into his young family and indirectly showing just how much he adores his daughters.

Taking to his official Instagram page, he had shared snaps of his customised shin pads with his children’s faces on them. The gesture resonated with many social media users, some of whom vowed to replicate it their own way.

Some of his fans used the post as an opportunity to pray to be blessed with a family that they can cherish deeply in their own way – without necessarily having to splash their images on clothing or other materials.

By the way, Jali was previously married to Nonhle Ndala with whom he has three children. He may no longer be with his ex-wife but that has in no way stopped him from showing how much he loves the kids he had with her.

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