Netizens Question The Quality Of Dineo Ranaka’s Friends As They Leak Her Depression Meds Online (Video)

Mzansi Encourages Dineo Ranaka Amid Struggle With Suicidal Thoughts

South Africans were stunned recently after a friend of the radio host Dineo Ranaka leaked the meds she’s currently taking amid her battle with depression. Netizens wondered what kind of friends she keeps that would betray her that way.

Dineo Ranaka has been in the news consistently these past few weeks, It all started after she started posting about suffering from depression and being suicidal on Instagram. She would most likely have taken her own life. But the fear of the fate that might befall her kids kept her in the land of the leaving.

She was also fortunate that South Africans rallied around her to give her all the support she could ask for. Her family did likewise, with her elder sister temporarily relocating to be with her. At the moment, Dineo is said to be negotiating with Kaya FM to leave the platform even vore the expiration of her three-year contract.

In a recent tweet, the controversial blogger Musa Khawula shared a clip of Dine Ranaka showing her friends the depression meds she’s on. Many South Africans were upset that her friends should share the clip with Musa, who had had brushes with Dineo in the past. You can check out the clip below.