Netizens React As Babes Wodumo And Dancers Allegedly Attack Costume Designer

Will ther eever be an end to the dram surrounding siner Babes Wodumo? Well, we may never know. Riht now, the “Wololo” hitmaker and her crew are facing public criticisamds over their action,

According to reports, Babes and some of her dancers had attacked a costumer designer over items of clothing the dancers reportedly borrowed.

In a post on Instagram, the designer, who goes by the name Skdee Designs claimed that Babes Wodumo’s dancers came to her shop and got items of clothing which they wanted for a function.

The costume designer claimed that the dancers wanted to take the items of clothing without paying in the beginning, but she insisted, so she was left with R150, which wasn’t up to the value of the items.

The agreement was that the day after the function, the items of clothing should be returned to her. However, they failed to return them and have been eating them since.

The costume designer is having none of that. This led to a recent confrontation that was captured on camera, as you can see below.

Netizens who thought Babes Wodumo and her dancers in the wrong lashed out at them for attacking the designer. It remains to be seen how the case will be resolved.

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