Netizens React As Gogo Maweni Shows Snake In A Basket

Snake-loving traditional healer (sagoma) Gogo Maweni has shown this side of her life once again, giving her compatriots a lot to talk about.

In an Instagram post which she has since deleted, she could be seen travelling with a reed basket containing a snake. In the said clip, she could be heard telling her husband that the snake was well-behaved.

It remains unclear where she was travelling to at the time. Fans are even more curious because the clip went viral in no time and the sangoma herself deleted the video soon after.

By that time, though, some of her fans had already downloaded the clip, which you can check out below.

Gogo Maweni is no stranger to the world of snakes. In fact, they are part of her life as a sangoma and she has several of them. In one of her earlier videos, she had shown off several of her snakes slithering on her bed. Her husband was not in that clip, however.

South Africa throbs with sangoma, with Gogo Maweni among the famous few. She is often called Dr Maweni but she does not have a PhD, nor is she known to have dreams of one day acquiring one.

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