Netizens React As Tweep Claim That Connie Ferguson Looks 30 Years Younger

If you are a big fan of South African actress Connie Ferguson, you probably already know that her beauty is sporadically a subject of conversation, with tweeps noting that she looks way younger than her age.

That might be the reality, but does she look 30 years younger? The actress is in her 50s but doesn’t look the part, thanks to a strict exercise regimen, healthy eating and other facts.

A fan recently ignited a debate when he shared a picture of the actress, noting that she isn’t older than one born in the year 2000, implying that she looks like a 23 years old, which translates to about 30 years younger than her real age.

This observation divided netizens, with some of them noting that while the actress and producer looked younger than her age, she doesn’t look 30 years younger. You can check out the tweet that provoked the latest conversation below.

By the way, Connie Ferguson is one of the standout figures in South African film. The combines the roles of an actress and producer, as well as a film house owner. She was previously married to Shona Ferguson. But he died from coronavirus complications two years ago. She has been pushing ahead alone since.

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