Netizens Shocked As Edwin Sodi’s Alleged Age Is Revealed

South African businessman Edwin Sodi’s age has been a mystery for a while. But it appears social media denizens have been able to crack that

The businessman recently celebrated his birthday and netizens were able to find out that it was not just another birthday but his 50th.

His 50th birthday? It was a shock to many South Africans that he was already 50. It is said that he was born in 1973, which makes him 50 at the time of writing. The birthday celebration was a lavish event, attended by many celebs.

The celebration was held his his Bryanston home which is said to be worth about R85 million. There was a lot to eat and drink for everyone who showed up for the event. It was another avenue for the businessman to show that he is one of the richest men out there.

Sodi has often been involved in controversies, as much over his business dealings as well as his dating life. At some point, it was allegedly that he had an affair with Minnie Dlamini and that was partly what led to her failed relationship with her husband Quinton Jones. She, however, denied that it had anything to do with him.

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