Netizens Talk Self-Styled Kim Kardashian Doppelganger, Compare Her Look To Khanyi Mbau’s

A Twitter user with the name Pumla Dineo has been dragged by netizens over her claim that she looked like American socialite and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian.

The drama all started after a different Twitter user made a poll of sorts by asking users of the microblogging platform to quote her with a celebrity or celebrities that they had been told they looked like.

Dineo took up the challenge and shared pictures of herself, as well as those of Kim Kardashian, indicating that she looked like the mother of four. However, not everyone bought the physical comparison she made to the American,

As far as some of them were concerned she looked more like Khanyi Mbau before surgery than the American she is comparing herself to. You can check out the post below.

Well, as the saying goes. to each his opinion. Dieno had said what she wanted to. Whether the public agrees with her comparison or not is not exactly something she has control over. After all, people will always have an opinion and they will always air it one way or the other, positive or not.

Khanyi Mbaus, whom many compare her to is one of South Africa’s notable actresses who toned her skin to look fairer.

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