Netizens Unimpressed With Gogo Maweni’s Claims To Potent Black Magic

South Africa’s local healer Gogo Maweni failed to impress netizens with her black magic again following her appearance on DJ Sbu’s podcast.

Infamous for always threatening to deal with those who disrespect her and her “calling” online, Gogo Maweni was on the set of DJ Sbu’s  The Hustler’s Corner Podcast, where she made a similar threat. According to the celebrity sangoma, she can punish her critics with a spell.

However, netizens appeared indifferent to the threat, feeling they have no potency and cannot harm them. This is one of several times she had been mocked over claims that she can spiritually mess up with the lives of those who speak ill of her and her craft.

In the same sit-down, she had dwelled on several other aspects of her life and calling, including how social media toxicity almost ruined her life. But she isn’t keeping quiet this time. She’s fighting back and letting her critics know the power in her arsenal.

Only, in this instance, tweeps think she’s mouthing twaddle and cannot do harm to anyone – muthi or not. You can check out the snippet of her interview below.

Gogo is almost always in the news and usually for her alleged mystical powers.

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