“Never Doing It Again” – Nadia Nakai Agonizingly Gives Up On Love

South African rapper Nadia Nakai suffered the worst tragedy of her love life recently when she lost her boyfriend AKA in a shooting in Durban. She has been so sad since she believes that love is no longer for her.

Taking to her official Twitter account, she had noted that she has been so unlucky with love. And she has vowed never to do it again. Her tweet caught the attention of fellow South Africans, most of whom encouraged her to be strong because love will still find her again.

And not only that, the experience might be better this time and may be permanent.

&Quot;Never Doing It Again&Quot; - Nadia Nakai Agonizingly Gives Up On Love 2

It is understandable why she should feel that way because she has dated several men in the past and it never led to “permanent site” – as some people facetious call the institution of marriage.

She was previously in a relationship with Bandile Mbere, one of the musicians that make the brother band Major League DJz. The relationship failed and she felt so bad and spilt her soul out in a song dubbed “More Drugs,” which went gold in no time.

She had also dated the Ghanaian-American musician Vic Mensa. The relationship ended and AKA soon came into the picture. A point-blank shot to the head on February 10 this year ended AKA’s life and redacted Nadia’s forever

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