New Barbie Movie: Trailer & Cast, Including Dua Lipa

For Barbie fans, there is something new in the bag, and it promises to be as entertaining as can be – at least with Dua Lipa as part of the cast, it is safe to expect just that.

The movie will officially premiere on July 21, but the excitement it is currently generating is best imagined. That might not be surprising given the reputation it has garnered over the years.

Even as fans await the coming of the flick, they get to embrace the full cast in all their goofy glory as producers have also created posters unveiling the members of the cast, including the songstress Dua Lipa. There is also a trailer – available at the end of this post – to give fans an idea of what is on the way.

All indications point to director Greta Gerwig having done a wonderful job with this one. But then, until the full movie is out, it is hard to give a definitive verdict on what has been created. For now, it is easy to get lost in the world of the trailer.

Dua Lipa will be playing the role of Mermaid Barbie, Hari Nef will play Doctor Barbie, and Michael Cera will play the role of Allan.

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