New Drama As Pabi Moloi’s Ex-Hubby Ruan Adams Demands Half Her Estate, Accuses Attorneys Of Taking Bribe

A husband demanding spousal support from his estranged wife is the sort of news that most people aren’t familiar with in this part of the world. Now and then, though, they are stunned by this reality.

South African media personality Pabi Moloi stands as a key example at this moment with her battle with her estranged husband Ruan Adams. The two are locked in a legal battle over her divorce.

Ruan is determined to accelerate the divorce and is demanding half the YFM presenter’s estate, aside from a demand for R8,500 per month in spousal support.

In a new twist to the whole drama, Ruan Adama alleged that Lutendo Siphuma, of SL Attorneys, must have taken a bribe either from his estranged wife or her lawyers to delay their divorce case.

Well, SL Attorneys isn’t taking the claim lying low. The company alleged threats from Ruan while also noting that it was terminating its service to him because of the unfounded allegations of taking a bribe to delay the case.

It is unclear where the case will lead after Ruan’s fight with his attorneys. But South Africans are watching, somewhat split in their support of the media personality and her estranged husband.

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