New Reality Show Thokoza Munt’wam Elicits Mixed Reactions

Reality shows are a thing with most people these days – for the breadth of the themes covered and so much more. But it appears like the new show Thokoza Munt’wam has not hit viewers in the right spots. The reactions from South Africans so far have been pretty mixed.

In a recent tweet, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela announced the new show which, in his words brings three individuals of disparate orientations into a common orbit where they explore their love interests and see where it leads.

It would have been just another announcement, except that this time some people were clearly unimpressed with what is being put together. One Twitter user even noted that they have seen enough sangomas shows and there is no point for the one that has just been announced. You can check out the post below.

South Africa is a thriving orbit for sangomas, so this should explain, in part at least, the decision to create a reality show centred around that spiritual vocation.

Many celebrities are today practising sangomas, from Boity and her mother to Zodwa Wabantu and Gogo Maweni.

It remains to be seen how long Thokoza Munt’wam will run despite all the opposition.

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