New Showmax Reality Dating Show “Bae Beyond Borders” Leacves South Africans Unimpressed With 1st Episode

The Showmax reality show Bae Beyond Borders got off to a bad start as those who watched the first episode appeared unimpressed with it and had no qualms saying the same on social media.

It was to have been any show that gave a platform for people to explore the dating universe in a thrilling setup. But some, most of those who have watched it so far believe it doesn’t have the power and appeal they expect of a show of that nature.

The dating show brings together four South African women and 12 Nigerian men. From speed dating online, the 112 Nigerian men were narrowed down to 8. Thereafter the ladies travel down to Nigeria to meet the men who had seemingly impressed them the most.

At this point, the number of men gets even narrower. If the ladies see a future with any of the men, then the men would travel with them back to South Africa, where they would spend time at a villa. This is where things heat up a bit.

The series aired on October 23 and will be shown every Monday after that. You can check out the trailer below.

With the poor reception from the public so far, what next?

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