New Thor: Love And Thunder” Is The Real Deal

The Marvel universe is agog as a new trailer for Thor: Love And Thunder pops on the horizon. Back in April, though, a trailer for the flick had been released by Marvel Studios. In retrospect, the previous release was more of a dessert to assuage the hunger and impatience of the Thor fandom.

It’s easy to see that what follows is the real deal because it bears greater fidelity to the flick dropping this July.

The latest trailer from Marvel Studios details the adventure of the god of Thunder and his visit, to Mount Olympus, where Zeus holds court.

He may have saved humanity for the 500th time, but Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is still searching for self-discovery. And it so happens that his battles are just not over yet. This much became obvious when a fierce galactic killer popped into the mix, determined to see to the extinction of the goods.

But can the killer make the gods extinct?

The trailer might leave viewers with several questions, but their answers aren’t exactly far away. Two months from now, on July 8, Thor: Love And Thunder will be available for movie buffs to appreciate.

Until then, the trailer should suffice, if you please.

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