New Video Of DJ Zinhle Being Aggressive Towards Pearl Thusi Causes Confusion

Theirs was one of the most talked about friendships in South Africa, with one always showing up for the other. But, along the line, cracks apparently appeared in the relationship between musician DJ Zinhle and her one-time bestie, media personality Pearl Thusi.

But what could have gone wrong?

Fans and associates were still processing that when a new video surfaced online, showing the moment DJ Zinhle appeared to tell off. In the clip, the songstress could be seen at the decks and turntable churning good music to peeps in what appears to be a club.

was nearby and in the mood for a good time as well. So she vibed her way close to the deck, close to DJ Zinhle. Ordinarily, the “Uzobuya” songstress would have hailed the media personality or even moved closer for a hug or kiss.

Instead, in the clip, she appeared to tell her off, indicating she didn’t care for ’s company. Not wanting to create any scene, Pearl Thusi had slinked away quietly. You can check out the clip below.

For shippers of the friends’ relationship, this is one moment they wished never happened. Yet, it remains unclear why two women who once planned to have kids at the same time no longer see eye to eye.

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