Nhlanhla Kunene Shares Lessons From His Role As Eric In “Adulting”

It is often said that actors take multiple lessons from the roles they have to play. Whether they apply those lessons is a different ball game. But they get to learn a thing or two in their role.

One such actor is South Africa’s Nhlanhla Kunene, who is part of the “Adulting” series. The actor has a lot to say about his role, including that he learned a lot from it – lessons that people may not have grasped at the outset.

According to Nhlanhla Kunene,  who played the role of Eric in “Adulting,” he learned from the role that, contrary to what some people might think, fatherhood is actually not easy.

He should know, perhaps. After all, according to him, he actually spent time studying the character and even when he played it, he snagged some lessons as well.

Most people assume that fatherhood is a walk in the park = well, until they have actually walked in the shoes of fathers. Thats when they know better, at which time some might even modify their views.

In his verdict, he had the support of many South Africns, some of whom point to having walked the same path and therefore know what they are saying.

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