Nhlanhla Lux Battles Mmusi Maimane Over Immigration

The battle for the of South Africa continues with no faction willing to give ground, including Nhlanhla Lux, the brains behind Operation Dudula. 

This collective prides itself on its mission of expelling all illegal immigrants out of South Africa and giving their Jo’s to the local population. 

To this end, Nhlanhla Lux and his supporters have been marching across South Africa to spread their message and, according to them, rid their communities of drugs. 

For his advocacy, Nhlanhla Lux now has a massive following on social media and on the ground. And his supporters are threatening violence if anything should happen to him.

However, there are those who think he’s nothing more than a distraction — a young man being used by more powerful forces in South Africa. 

One person who has this opinion is Mmusi Maimane. He said that Nhlanhla Lux isn’t a revolutionary but someone who spews hate against fellow Africans. 

Lux fired back, noting that South African politicians will never call a spade a spade; instead, they hide behind English words to try to sound smart. 

Nhlanhla Lux may not have everyone behind him, but he’s managed to foster conversation about South Africa’s immigration policy. Will he triumph in the end. 

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