Nhlanhla Lux Leads Protest During Soweto Shut Down By Residents

Activist Nhlanhla Lux leads a protest as residents shut down Soweto due to issues with service delivery.

Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini has become a recognizable voice all over South Africa. He is known to stand for and speak for the people. Nhlanhla Lux recently led a protest in Soweto, and social media cannot stop talking about it.

With hundreds of angry Soweto residents behind him, Nhlanhla delivered a memorandum to the Mayor of Johannesburg, Mpho Phalatse, at her office in Braamfontein. The people were protesting against load shedding, calling for it to end. Nhlanhla, while speaking, warned, “Terms and conditions of how things should be done to improve Soweto will be dictated by the people.”

The protesters demanded that the City of Joburg Mayor intervene in the load shedding issue. She was asked to ensure that Eskom supplies the city with an uninterrupted power supply. Lux told the crowd that they would chant five different slogans until Phalatse came out of her office to accept their memorandum.

This almost caused things to get out of hand because he added that they would enter the building if she refused to come out. Accompanied by her official, the mayor walked out and accepted their list of demands. Lux said,

“The communities have given you a memorandum of their problems and suggestions. We will not only throw punches but also invest in solutions.

“Some complaints are that service delivery is in its worst state in Soweto. Khaya Magadla fell into a manhole last week. He hasn’t been found. That incident happened because basic service delivery was not in place. There is no good reason for a manhole to be left open in a community full of children.”

He continued, “Our struggle is simple. The people shall govern. We will sit with you and report the way (President) Cyril Ramaphosa reports to the country. You will have family meetings at every prescribed period to talk to people of Soweto. We can’t have leaders, not only you, who lead us from television screens and radio stations,”

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