Nhlanhla Mafu Dismisses Claims Her New Lover Is Causing A Rift In Mafikizolo

Is there an ongoing rift in the South African band Mafikizolo? Some South Africans think so, and they are blaming the new lover of one of the band members for it. According to sources, Nhlanhla Mafu’s love is causing a rift between her and her bandmate Theo Kgosinkwe.

But how true is that claim?

Well, Mafu has just addressed it. She is dismissive of a potential break up of the band, noting that she is not working on a solo project but is still a part of the Mafikizolo group.

But some people are not convinced. According to some of those who have observed the changes in her person, she now isolates herself and acts like a celebrity to those she used to be pretty close with. All this is blamed on her lover Jerry, who is allegedly trying to push her into ditching the group and going solo.

Allegedly, Jerry wants a measure of control over her career and is responsible for some of her current moves that have made her unrecognisable to people he was previously close to.

Criticisms and denials might not change much right now, but time certainly has an answer for what’s going on. Stay tuned.

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